Elite Surge 321 Strong Aluminum Buddy Lees Aero Speed Speed Rope 3.0 RX Jump Rope
PVC coated PVC coated PVC coated PVC coated PVC coated
Aluminium handle Aluminum Handles Aluminum Handles Aluminum Handles PVC handles
7.7" 11.0" 9.5" 12.0" 9.0"
If you’re wondering, what is the best jump rope? The answer is simple – Elite Surge! This is the best-selling rope for fitness and crossfit in the world.

There was a time when jump ropes were simple – you had two choices beaded or leather!

The leather jump rope became a symbol of the boxer’s training equipment. The decline in popularity of the sport unfortunately meant the same route for the quality of jump ropes for boxers.

Now there is a never ending amount of jump ropes out in the world! This gives people the power of choice – each individual jump rope is beneficial for the individuals person’s needs.

Weighted ropes – for when you don’t feel like hitting the free weight’s you can build you arm, shoulder and chest muscles with strength building.

Lighter ropes – used to stay on your toes, these are used for speed training and will certainly keep you “light” on your feet.

Medium ropes – these are used for an all round workout maximizing your calorie loss and build your body muscle.

You have to give it to children who seem to master the art of jump roping in their school playgrounds, because if you haven’t trained you will certainly need to ease into jump roping.

Offering a full body workout jump roping is so much more, offers you versatility by being able to take the jump rope with you. Work out your shoulder, arms, abs and legs wherever you may go.

Choice is important, as fitness and sport participation has increased the choice of jump rope make a HUGE difference to performance and training giving you better results if you have the suitable jump rope.

Jump Rope Reviews

Elite Surge Jump Rope

elite surge jump ropeThe unique ball bearing system of two individual bearings, rather than just one in each of the handles is one of the main features of The Elite Surge Style jump ropes that “Buy Jump Ropes” sells. The patent for this unique design is so new that it is still pending approval.

The new method allows you to increase the number of spins you can achieve with the minimum amount of effort. Designed by a champion speed jumper, this rope allows you to maximize double under jump skills as well as your individual jumping ratio.

The handles do not flare out as they get further from the rope; instead they are uniform in size. For your comfort, the handles are covered in a non-slip grip. If at any point your hands do slip or cramp for some reason, you can tape it up, which will make it thicker.

Most people have reported that this is not necessary though. Both handles are made from aluminium (ultra-light weight) and marked with an R and an L respectively. The handles are marked because the rope has been threaded through them (off-centre) and this makes for a very smooth rotation with every spin.

The only major problem with this rope is that the cable is made of steel, coated in rubbery nylon. It will hurt when it hits you at a decent speed, but it moves through the air with ease and is great for indoor use. This rope is not really meant for outdoor use, as there are hard surfaces like concrete, and after too much contact with surfaces like this, the steel will eventually come though the rubber coating.

What this means is that there is a very real risk of the cable scratching you once it has been exposed. This is not the end of the world though because the cable can be replaced with either a heavier or lighter weight rope. The rather large holes in the handles allow you to replace the rope if and when it does get damaged.

It is easy to adjust the cables if they are too long and the cables are flexible, meaning that they do not kink very easily. Because of this, there is no need to hand your rope on a bar or hook, as you can store it on a shelf or in a draw.

It is advisable that you have a dedicated place for your rope or you may misplace it due to the fact that it takes up less space than a dollar bill. On the upside, that means that you can take it anywhere you go, to your gym or an alternative place.


The dual ball bearing system gives the rope a very balanced feel and the thin handles allow for precision when you turn the rope. The handles come with a 2 year warranty and you are able to change the cables when you need to do so. Ropes for beginners are as thick as 4mm and as thin as 1/16 inch for competitions. The ropes are also extremely durable.


There have been some reports that the handles can get slick from sweat, even with the foam grips. People are also surprised at how thin the handles are and say that it takes some getting used to. Apparently they do not work well for crossing moves.

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321 Strong Aluminum Jump Rope

321 strong aluminum fitness jump ropeThis rope will deliver a high level of cardio intensity and is perfect for crossfit. Using a jump rope when you work out increases your agility and stamina. You will also receive a Paleo recipe book so that you can use the diet with your routine for maximum results. You can lose weight and build muscle faster than you would in a spin class or on a treadmill.

With this rope, you are sure to get into great shape with ease. Unlike using a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical bike, using a jump rope is fun and makes you feel amazing. You will seriously improve your physical fitness because of the cardio workout you get from this tool.

What could be better than burning calories while you are having fun with your workout partner?

Tall people will understand how it feels when you keep hitting your head with the rope – it is no fun at all! Trying to duck every time the rope goes over your head because it is too short is very uncomfortable and can actually lead to back and neck pain, which nobody wants.

With the 321 Strong Rope, you never have to worry about that happening again. This particular rope comes with an 11 foot long cable that can be adjusted to meet your specific height requirements. The handles, which are made from aluminium, can be extended to fit any hand size.

Ever wonder how you are going to get into shape? 90% of customers said that this rope had helped them to get rid of body weight and build lean muscle better than if they had have gone to a gym to use a treadmill or bike.


This rope is designed with rugged ball bearing inside the handles and are capable of withstanding super high RPMs. The cable is made from braided steel wire, coated with PVC and also comes with adjustable screws. It is not too heavy or too light, just perfectly balanced out. The cable will never get tangled, as the unique 90 degree design allows the cable to rotate in the shaft.

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Buddy Lees Aero Speed Jump Rope

buddy lees aero speed jump ropeThis rope is a great combination of speed and feel. It uses similar bearings to that of the wire CrossFit ropes, but seems to have a bit more of a weighted feel, much like the old school nylon ones.

There are a total of five Buddy Lee ropes available: Cross Speed Rope, Magic Speed Rope, Aero Speed, Rope Master and the Super Sonic.

The Aero Speed model has a much better build and lighter aluminium handles. Some people would prefer it if the handles were longer like the handles of the Rope Master. This is the rope to go for if you want to do cross fit and speed skipping. It is top quality.

The design of this rope is the main reason why so many people love it. The bearing system is what allows the rope to turn nicely and at a fast pace without getting twisted or snagged.

Another great feature of this rope is that it is extremely easy to adjust. Just like with any rope, you want to adjust the length according to your skill level and your height. This is made simple by the unique design of the rope. You will receive a nylon rope that is more than 9 feet long, so you will have a lot of slack to play with.

It is the best rope that we have tried out. The Aero Speed model would be the prefect rope, as the handles are aluminium and the bearings are made from metal that cannot rust.

Voted “the fastest, best-balanced and smoothest rope” by none other than “Men’s Health” magazine, it was also featured in Men’s Muscle and Men’s Fitness magazines.


The swivel bearings make it super-fast and smooth. The unique design lets you replace the rope, bearings and handle grips when needed, so you can basically use this rope forever. Replacement parts are readily available and adjusting the size is hassle free.


This is the heaviest rope on the market, which is the reason that it is not often used for competitions. Your wrists and arms will get fatigued much quicker, especially during very long double under sets. Even though this rope is fast enough for most people, the PVC cord does limit the speed one can achieve.

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Speed Rope 3.0 Jump Rope

speed rope 3 0 jump ropeThe 3.0 session is the remade version of the rope that started everything off and it changed the rope game as we know it in 2012. The results show just how time and effort can change a jump rope. This particular rope is the fastest, toughest, most efficient speed rope ever to be made.

The session is ready for anything that you need, whether it is getting a person their first double-under, getting a games athlete to win or to set new world records. This could just be the last rope that you ever buy.

What is new on the 3.0?

The completely newly designed head features chamfered exit points allows for a different cable departure angle, which causes less stress to the cable and therefore prolongs the life of the rope.

The new anchor disc has replaced the ball and allows for a much smoother dual axis rotation. Locking set screws are an optional extra, but are standard on the competition edition.

The internal anti-friction made possible by the addition of a flanged iolite bushing makes it impossible for metal to metal contact. This factor allows for a faster, smoother spin, while still maintaining the power transfer and control that these types of speed ropes are known for.


The handles are made from metal and are hollow and feature what is known as a knurl grip, which will not slip while you are jumping. It is easy to resize the cable length, as they come with fast bare cables, made for the advanced jumpers. You can choose to buy a cable that is coated for training purposes. You have eight different handle colors to choose from and for just $10, you can get the handles engraved.


Some professional jumpers have said that they get blisters after practicing for long periods of time, mainly due to the grip being rough. It is also a rather pricey jump rope.

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RX Jump Rope

rx jump ropeA multidirectional swivel axis bearing is used in the Rx Speed Ropes. This system produces an almost frictionless rotation. The swivel attachment allows the cable to slow down or reach tops speed, depending on the athlete’s needs. The philosophy is that it is not only about speed but rather the correct speed for specific individuals timing and tempo.

The handles are ergonomically contoured, 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches long. This design is to allow an athlete to maintain the most relaxed and natural grip. This lowers fatigue that is often experienced in the shoulders and forearms. Athletes can get pinpoint accuracy with the pinch points and still get optimal rope shape with a relaxing grip.

These ropes are available in five cable weights, which allow an athlete to find the perfect resistance for their individual coordination level and tempo. This allows for variation for all athletes to change up their force adaption and training.


The swivel axis (industrial grade) bearing system is multi-directional and makes for an almost frictionless rotation. Depending on the needs of the athlete, the attachment allows the rope to slow down or get to top speed.

The strain on your wrists and hands is reduced dramatically because of the fact that the handles rotate easier. The main goal is that an individual can find the right speed that suits their specific needs.

The handles are 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches long, which allow for a more relaxed and natural grip. Fatigue that is usually experienced in the shoulders and forearms is also decreased. Both handles are wrapped by hand with the most absorbent tape on the planet.

These ropes come with a warranty (60 days) and it covers all defects caused by workmanship and defective materials. You lose the warranty if it is discovered that the rope was used on asphalt, gravel, dirt, concrete, or any other type of abrasive surface. You will also lose your warranty if the rope has been tampered with in any way.

It is great that the rope is so durable. It is worth spending a bit more on a rope because with a cheaper version, you will need to replace it after only a short time. This rope lasts longer and is perfect for beginners as well. There are not many things about this rope to not like. From the variety of cable weights to the grips that are hand wrapped, there is no reason not to love this rope.


This is a very fast rope and has most likely got the smoothest handle out of all the ropes that we have reviewed. The almost frictionless ration is thanks to the multi-directional swivel system. This rope is liked by many people because of the color choices or handles and cables that are available.

Maybe the best thing about this rope is the fact that customers can order different weighted cables (USA made) to suit their specific needs. The handles, which are of the ergonomic type, will not slip if you sweat.


The most complained about issue is the size of the handles, which can actually interfere with the fine motor control of the hands that is needed for speed jumping. This rope’s length cannot be adjusted, so if the rope is not the correct size, a cable replacement will need to be ordered at an additional $9. The cable is also coated with vinyl and is less durable than a nylon coating.

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Buyer’s Guide

The RIGHT jump rope is vital for YOU to get the most benefit out of your jump rope training regime.

A bad jump rope can make you never want to jump rope again.

It’s critical you chose correctly as this WILL make the decision for you if you choose incorrectly you could end up missing out on a wonderful jump rope experience.

Jump Rope Size

Jump Rope Size

If the rope is too long you with end up on the ground. Too short you won’t be easily able to do trick or freestyle.

Finding the perfect size is your first port of call.

As your skill level increases shorten the rope to allow for more speed to be gained. Start with the standard size that fits your height this will give you a solid foundation when starting jump roping.

Beginner Rope Length

You will be best with a longer rope giving time to work on your technique and timing longer rope length will give you less speed as you won’t be able to swing it as fast because of the increased levels of drag.

Fitness/Double Unders Rope Length

Here you want a rope that gives you 6 to 10 inches clearance over your head. Giving you a shorter distance, double unders are easier to obtain as the rope can be moved faster. NOTE – Double Unders are when you do two swing rotations per each jump.

Speed Jumping Rope Length

This is the rope you will use if you want to get max speed. 2 to 6 inches clearance is what is best used here. With this style of jumping being “professional” until the advanced level is reached you should hone your skills to reach this level using the other ropes

Freestyle Rope Length

Longer ropes are best used as these give you the crossing movements needed to pull it off 12 to 24 inches being the ideal length needed.

How to Find the Right Jump Rope Size

Note that when you measure for the correct jump rope length that corresponds with your height. Measure from the tips of the jump rope handles, not the cord length only.

Firstly, take the jump rope handles with each hand standing on the center of the rope with either one foot or both feet (whichever is comfortable) while pulling the handles upwards beside your body as you stand straight.

The handle tips should touch your armpits. If it’s below this, it’s too short (unless you are more advanced) for beginners.

Keep in mind! There is some variation depending on how you hold the rope – Do you hold it higher or lower as you turn the handles jump roping?

The length of your arms, typically beginners do a bit better with the standard rope length for their size, as given by my chart below while more advanced jump rope users may want a slightly shorter rope.

Jump Rope Material

Jump Rope MaterialHard abrasive surfaces such as concrete will cause some material to last longer whereas it will cause other material to wear at a much quicker rate.

This is important information to keep in mind if you’re going outside to skip on hard surfaces.

If you’re looking for material that will last the longest time whilst skipping on hard surfaces then PVC Material or cable steel is recommended as these tend to last the longer period of time, whereas Licorice and Vinyl are the ones to avoid as they get torn up within a few months.

Jump Rope Materials

  • Licorice (flexible and light)
  • PVC Plastic (flexible and medium heavy)
  • Cloth / Fiber / Woven
  • Beaded / Segmented (heaviest)
  • Cable / Wire (lightest and most stiff)

The basic material that most jump ropers swear by is either basic PVC plastic or vinyl cord. Casual or advanced users can use these. You can pick up a basic, cheap jump rope for about $5-$7 bucks that will function just fine for years.

Below you’ll find some basic jump rope categories for the type of material used that fits the right experience level.


New skippers are best off with either licorice or PVC rope which are fairly light, this will allow for some speed to gain whilst still being slow enough to work on timing, as well as giving a degree of flexibility to the rope.


Licorice or cable work best again this is all solely personal preference. Steel cables are used for speed work while licorice can be used for speed or freestyle tricks.


This category there is a choice of Licorice, cable, or beads depending on your own personal preference.

Jump Rope Handle Type

Jump Rope Handle Type

The most important thing to decide after the material of the jump rope is the all important handle. You will have to choose between many different designs, sizes and shapes.

The Handle Weight

The one thing to keep in mind though, regardless of the width, height, or material the handle is made of is you want as light a handle as possible. A heavy handle will slow your jump roping.

The Handle Material

You may also want to give note to the material the handle is made of. While you may end up burning through your ropes if you jump on concrete, your handles will also give way to wear and tear too — especially around the ends. Cheap plastic handles are often bendable when you squeeze them and the ends are prone to split and break after a few months of heavy usage.

Hard shatter-proof plastic handles along with light aluminum handles will last much longer and, if you don’t mind paying more money they are certainly worth investing in.

The Length of Handle

You’ll use about 2 or so inches of the handle gripping it, so when you look at handle sizes, deduct that amount from the length – this will be the handle length sticking out from your hands.

There are 3 basic lengths to choose from Short Handles, Regular Handles and Long Handles.

Long handles are particularly useful if you’re looking to do tricks. The longer the handle enables you to do more crossing movements when needed. To mix up your jump rope workout pick up at least a medium length rope (4 inches) and long (6-7 inches).

To start off jump roping go with a medium length handle. The most common length available will give you a great basis to hone your skills.

For something a little more stylish that will allow for more speed definitely go for a short handle.

The Handle to Rope Connection

There are three choices for how the rope connects to the handle:

  • Regular connection (rope goes straight into handle)
  • 90 Connection (rope is attached to the handle at 90 degree angle = much more speed and less friction)
  • Ball Bearing Swivel (there is ball bearing at the end of the handle connecting the rope end to the handle = least friction, more fluid, and better control)

Jump Rope Types

Jump Rope Types

Boxer’s Training Rope

Simple, but effective jump ropes that “do everything” .High intensity workouts mixing speed and freestyle will be suited. Features a solid core 5mm PVC cord tjhis will not wear out when jumping outdoors or on abrasive surfaces. This jump rope type will also give you the option to resize to your needs.

Heavy Beaded Fitness Rope

Heavy 2″ thick walled beads add extra weight to the rope giving you a more intense workout.

The heavy beads also make it ultra durable for use on concrete as well as any other surface you require it. This jump rope type will give you comfortable, slip-free grip enabling you to work out and still maintain perfect ability to perform freestyle moves such as the cross.

Single Beaded Rope

It’s made up of a new style of beads manufactured in the United States. Giving you a long lasting jump rope, that is light and very durable. Coming with a 1 Year Warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing you have a product that lasts.

These jump ropes are available in a range of sizes and colours.

Short Handle Licorice Rope

Made with a durable cord, that won’t twist or tangle. The rope has an innovative “snap lock” system that makes resizing the rope extremely simple. A variety of colours are available (including a clear blue rope that we’re partial to).

Ultra Light Speed Rope

The lightest speed rope on the market!

This rope will give you the edge in competitions, weighing in at a minuscule 2.4oz its clear to see why it’s so speedy. You will have a cord length that is easy to adjust also coming in a variety of colours. 2 Year Peace of mind Warranty also comes with the handles.

Custom Single Beaded Rope

This is essentially the same rope as the single beaded rope, just with more options for customizing bead colors and patterns. You can have an endless amount of colour combinations not only with the handle but with the layout and colour of the beads! Giving you an edge when performing intricate crossing moves is the 8” handle you can purchase separately. Quicker spin will also be achieved as the jump rope is made with ultra light beads.

Key considerations before you pick a rope

Key considerations before you pick a rope

Outdoor Rating

Where will you be jump roping? Indoors or Outdoors? If your planning on jump roping outdoors pick up an outside rated rope as this will stop it wearing out quickly on hard surfaces.

Trick Rating

Will this rope be used to do tricks, like crossing moves? Many ropes now are built exclusively for speed, and won’t do crossing moves well make sure you take this into consideration.

Speed Rating

How fast do you want the rope to go? Competition speed jumping and Cross Fit have really spurred much of the recent jump rope innovation, with a big variety of speed ropes now on the market there will be something to suit what you’re looking for.


Are you looking for the same jump rope for a long period of time? Are you willing to purchase something knowing it may break down in a few months time? There are many factors to durability so be sure to do your research and find what’s best for you.

Ease of resizing

You can chose between rope that will let you resize to fit different activities or people that may be using the jump rope, also you can get a one set size rope.


There are many jump ropes that incorporate a lot of different things you may use the jump rope for but there is something out there for everyone so you can get the best combination that suits your needs.

Jump Rope Benefits

Jump Rope Benefits

  • Unlikely to Lead to Knee Damage – Runners often get Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS)(Runners knee) bringing pain to the kneecap’s. Since with each jump or step, you land on the balls of both feet instead of the heels, massively reducing the impact on the patella-femoral joint.
  • Improves Cardio Endurance – Jumping rope is an aerobic exercise which can burn up to 700 calories per hour if performing vigorous exercise. To put this into perspective, you can jump rope for 10 minutes and it will have more or less the same effect as running for 8 miles.
  • Improves Balance, Timing and Coordination – Once you learn the various jump rope techniques, constantly performing them will drastically improve your balance and hand foot coordination. These elements are essential if you want to perform to your highest level in athletic sports.
  • Easy to Learn and Perform – Jump rope techniques are relatively easy to learn and you will begin to grasp them with enough practice (and the correct rope). Skipping can literally be performed within your own home or back garden as opposed to going out for a run or bike ride so this giving you more access to practice.
  • Cheap to Get Started – Good jump ropes can be purchased from as little as $8. Though everyone has their own preference on type and material of jump rope there is always something that will suit your needs.

best jump ropes


Jumping rope is an easy way to torch massive amounts of calories!

You can virtually do it anywhere!
It’s not only pretty cheap workout option but you will become addicted immediately when you experience jump roping for the first time!

Your new workout is just a hop, a skip, and a jump away!

Jump rope training one of the best exercise options out there. Not only does it build up your overall aerobic fitness, you can target specific conditioning like aerobic threshold work and Vo2 Max.

While working on your conditioning – improve your coordination, footwork and balance. All whilst, having a lesser impact on your joints than most activities.

Picking the right jump rope is both easy and not easy at the same time.

You can just walk into any sport’s outlet store and buy a generic jump rope for a few bucks without knowing how to correctly size it or know what type of cord you want, but at best you will end up with a rope that’s just suitable and at worst, one that’s almost unusual.

It’s fascinating to see people embark on a journey to becoming a jump rope ninja.

I hope this best jump ropes guide was useful – helping you determine what jump rope to get started with or even what questions you should be asking to find the right jump rope for you, remember everyone is different.

Give the jump rope a try today! You won’t regret it!

Smart RopeOne innovation letting you track multiple factors of a workout is the Smart Rope. This device sync’s with the Smart Gym app which does the tracking for you whilst you work on your jump rope.

Checking key markers such as number of jumps and calories burned. All round becoming your number one tool for tracking your all important hopping time.

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