jumpsolesSome lucky people are simply born with the ability to jump well. If you look at NBA player like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan or LeBron James, you can easily see why they do not needs something like jumpsoles to be successful. But what about the poor souls who were not born with this gift?

Jumpsoles are going to help you get into the NBA, if that is your dream. Jumpsoles have been in existence since the 1990’s and are basically icons in the world of vertical jump training. They are platforms that are attached to your shoes, they are weighted and invented mainly for basketball players, but are now used in other sports by many athletes.

According to the Black Belt Magazine, the exercises are intended to build “fast-twitch muscles fibres”, which are important in the development of quickness and explosive power. When they are used in the correct manner, they will strengthen the Achilles area, making it a lot more flexible and therefore making you much more resistant to injuries.

How Do Jump Soles Work?

Platform shoes allow you a wider range of movement of the calves, because you are off your heels. What that means is that every jump becomes more effective, helping you to reach new heights. A lot of training programs will instruct you to jump hundreds or thousands of times a day, which causes wear and tear on body parts, especially your back and knees.

Jumping less and more effectively is the way to do it, which is exactly the reason platform shoes are used, and have been used for a number of decades with excellent success. Our program suggests that you rather do only one to three workouts per week, depending on your sport.

If you wish to use weight belts, creatine or elastics in conjunction with your jumpsoles, you will achieve even faster running and vertical speeds.

When can you start using Jumpsoles?

You can start using jumpsoles when your shoe size is at least a 5, or you have already turned 12. Even though your musculature is not 100% ready for power lifting or intensive plyometrics at this young age, your neural system is perfectly ready to learn the mechanics of sprinting and jumping.

Buyer’s Guide

Just because the Jumpsoles program costs more than others, it does not mean that you should necessarily give it a miss just for that reason alone.

Many people who have used this program have actually reported that they are very happy with the experience and results they achieved. Because of this, they were more than happy with the price and some even said that they would pay more if the needed to, just because of the great results they got. When looking into Jumpsoles, you will notice that not all the prices are the same for all the products on offer.

For only $100, you can get a pair of original Jumpsoles, which is a pretty good price, considering what you are going to be putting them through while training. If you only buy the soles, you will receive a DVD as well, and the manual so that you understand how to use them correctly.

You may want to also consider some of the other products that are on offer. They offer two additional packages, one costing $149 and one $169. Each of the packages comes with more useful material than the other one, which can only benefit you in the long run.

The Exercises

jumpsolesJumpsoles are designed to assist you in improving your vertical jump and your speed by strengthening and stretching your calf muscles and Achilles tendon. Plyometric exercises are perfect exercises to achieve this goal, which is one of the main reasons why many of the exercises in the manual are plyometric moves.

A regular workout will consist of 3 sets of lateral cone hops, skipping, bounding, rim and box jumps, step-ups and squat lunges. One set generally consists of roughly 10 jumps or reps, but the skipping and bounding should be done for a distance of more or less 25 yards. Remember to rest for a minute or two between your exercises.

You may add weight to your step-ups and squat lunges but placing a barbell across your shoulders during your reps. You might also want to include a medicine ball while you work out. You calves will benefit from these exercises because you will be starting off in a squatting position, then straightening your legs with force as you go into the standing position as you throw the medicine ball into the air.


Jumpsoles are the system for you if you have been searching for a method to increase your vertical leap, your speed and your athleticism. They will not work if you are playing NBA Jam on the Xbox 360; you need to commit to all the workouts so that your muscles have the chance to develop. You need to do your exercises as the manual sets them out, otherwise you will just end up disappointed at the end of the day.

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