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If you’re wondering, what are the best jumping stilts in the world? The answer is Air-Trekkers! This is the best-selling stilt walkers in the world and recommended for every adrenaline junkie.

Jumping stilts promise the ability to jump further than it was ever thought humanly possible!

These stilts, which were seen during the closing ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, were invented by a German aerospace engineer named Alexander Bock. They were patented in the U.S. in 2003.

These are not like ordinary stilts! Unlike traditional stilts that only make you taller, these stilts incorporate springs, which allow you to jump extraordinary high, run, or even perform flips, twists, turns, and jump onto very tall objects.

If you have the ability and are feeling adventurous, you can put on a helmet and perform these amazing acrobatic feats in your local shopping centers.

It has been proven that working out while wearing a pair of jumping stilts (jogging, running, etc.) can help you to develop great cardiovascular fitness, core strength, and strong legs.

Highest jump on spring loaded stilts

The highest jump on spring loaded stilts is 2.76 m (9 ft 0.66 in) and was achieved by Lars Oetken (Germany), in Berlin, Germany, on 10 August 2013.

Jumping Stilts Reviews

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts

air trekkers jumping stiltsThe stilts that are manufactured by Air-Trekker are recognized as some of the best on the market today.

The craze that has swept the globe began in 2008, when performers wore this brand of stilts during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. Even though Air-Trekker stilts were popular in Europe and Asia for a long time, it was this exposure that truly made them a world-wide phenomenon.

These stilts, which feature a curved, carbon-fibre set of springs, are designed not only for the extreme athlete, but also for the novice as well. They are built to go for a casual jog, or to perfect in air acrobatics.

They are built with extremely tough materials, which makes them durable. This also allows them to be very lightweight. This makes them the perfect companion to someone looking for a new way to work out, but also provides for someone who wants to perform extreme acrobatics, like backflips or other parkour jumps.

Stilts are usually sold in two different ways to help meet the needs of their users. They can be sold according to height, or, like the Air-Trekker, they can be sold according to the weight of the user. The reason that Air-Trekker is sold according to weight is based on how they work. They use a tension-built pogo stick like action that works through force being pushed down on the springs on the back of the stilt. This downward force, which compresses the spring, then shoots the user back into the air once the pressure is removed.


Strong and durable carbon fiber springs
High standard of construction that guarantees years of use
Very lightweight which makes them ideal for acrobatics



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Adults Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

adult kangaroo jumping stiltsWhile everyone understands that good physical fitness is key to a long and healthy life, most people don’t want to put the work into it because they find it tedious. However, if you decide to use jumping stilts, you can turn your exercise routine into one of pure entertainment.

Everyone who has tried jumping stilts for fitness have found them to be exceptionally useful, since they expose your entire body to a rigorous workout. These special shoes do that by making you use your body in an intuitive way that still feels mostly natural.

This pair of jumping stilts is made with a sturdy aluminium frame and fiberglass springs which are guaranteed for years of fun. They are designed with heavier adults in mind, being made for persons weighing in the 200 to 242 pound range. These stilts allow the adults who wear them to work out and get fit while having a good time. The stilts allow you to reach up to 10 mph while running and jump about 7 feet in the air.

These stilts are tailor made for those individuals who can’t seem to get themselves away from their TV entertainment. They make working out just as fun and adventurous as a video game!

They are built very well. In fact, they are certified by the SGS and CE for their dependability and integrity.

Adult Kangaroo Shoes also come in variety of three different colors.


SGS and CE safety certifications
Durable and high-quality construction
Very affordable.


These stilts are well made, up to safety standards, and will not break the bank.

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Poweriser Jumping Stilts

poweriser jumping stiltsThese jumping stilts, built by Korea Powerisers, are a great middle of the road option for the consumer. They are of good quality, but are also reasonably priced. They are built with an aluminium frame, which is then combined with a fiberglass leaf spring. This makes them very lightweight, which is ideal for acrobatics and running.

Another great value for these stilts is that they come with a warranty. They feature a twelve month warranty on the frame and a six month warranty on the spring. They are also a very forgiving pair of stilts for beginners, as they perform very smoothly, without changing the velocity of the user unexpectedly. This makes them ideal for teenagers and adults who want to learn how to do tricks and jump high into the air.

The construction of the spring is also built for comfort. The knee caps can be tightened to give the user the confidence of added support. The stilts also feature strong foot mounting plates, a spring shroud made from high strength plastics, self-locking nuts, and rubber buffers with a strengthened assembly.

These stilts are a good new challenge for those that enjoy more extreme level sports, such as skateboarding or rollerblading. If you are ready for a new challenge, then they are sure to put a smile on your face. How long that smile lasts depends upon the users balancing skills!

The price of these stilts can vary depending upon the design that the user selects. This price can be higher than other stilts with similar features on the market.


High-quality construction
Capable of massive 7 foot jumps
Uses a very high quality fiberglass spring


A plain looking design

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Jump-bird Jumping Stilts

jump bird jumping stiltsThis pair of stilts is fantastic because they are both affordable and safe. They are built with an extremely durable 6063 aluminium frame. They also feature thick nylon straps, skid proof rubber feet, adjustable kneepads, and a specially reinforced fiberglass spring. These stilts are designed to be used by people weighing between 66 and 110 pounds.

Fitness instructors and doctors are beginning to realize the benefits of jumping stilts and are starting to recommend them for the following benefits:

  • They provide an incredible experience through a new and exciting sport
  • Since they challenge your body in new ways, they are extremely good at helping individuals to lose weight
  • They can also be used to build up the muscles in the lower torso
  • Best of all, they are fun to use, which helps to alleviate stress


SGS and CE safety certifications
Straight vertical bounce, which makes them great for running and bouncing over tall objects
Durable and high-quality construction
Very affordable



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GT Cobra Jumping Stilts

gt cobra jumping stiltsThe GT Cobra offer many innovations that other brands do not, making them the leader in the jumping stilts industry.

They take a bit of time to get used to, as they feel different and are a bit heavier than other brands. This makes it take a bit longer to go from zero to mid speed. However, once you get momentum they will feel much lighter due to their spring system.

They are built to give in the top part of the bounce, which makes them feel different than other brands that we have tested. Walking in them feels soft, as the tension in their springs doesn’t get too had to bend, even when just jogging.

Most companies provide a spring cover that is one to two mm thick. These stilts come with a cover that is four mm thick, which helps since most users do not want to take them time to reinforce the covers that come with their stilts. The yellow covers that come for these stilts’ springs should be enough, and the company has used the yellow color as part of their branding for years.

Just like all of the other stilts tested, the springs are at the heart of how effective they can be for the user. These stilts use, by far, the best spring, which is constructed with APL (Advanced Power Layer) technology. This makes them softer at the start of the jump and more powerful at the end, which provides the right level of responsiveness for experts and beginners alike.

They were designed with solid Austrian engineering. That means that the four mm thick yellow spring protection and ratcheting metal foot bindings comes standard on each pair of springs.

Since these stilts feature so many different innovations, they are slightly more expensive than other brands. However, in the long run, these stilts’ parts will last longer than their competitors, making the up-front costs a smart buy for the serious consumer.


4mm-thick, yellow spring protection
Fiberglass constructed springs



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Buyer’s Guide

The guide below will help you to choose the perfect pair of jumping stilts and use them properly as to ensure your safety.

Choose stilts designed to support your weight

Jumping stilts springs are rated differently based upon the weight of the user. It is highly recommended that you pay particular attention to each manufacturers weight scale. The scales can vary by a wide range; i.e. youth and adult models, or they can be extremely specific, with some makers having multiple models (10-12) that are tailored to fit a smaller weight range. These more specific models can range from 40 to 250 pounds of weight as their limited range.
Consider how you would like to bounce

Decide how you’d like to bounce, hard or soft. Some users will prefer a harder bounce, as this is required to complete some of the stunts which involve faster speeds and greater heights. This is probably best for a more seasoned acrobatic performer. A softer bounce will allow the user more control of their bounce speed and height, and makes it easier to jump onto high objects. However, you can also mix and match to suit your preferences. Some models come equipped with hard and soft springs to better tailor the stilts to the user’s needs. You could also buy a pair of stilts out of your weight range to better obtain the kind of bounce, hard or soft, that you want.

Is noise an issue?

Again, this depends upon the model that you choose to purchase and your uses. If you intend to use them around your house, and you live in close proximity to your neighbors, you may want to get a pair that is a bit quieter. The noise level of the stilts is determined by how they are manufactured, and the material used. It is always good to ask around with other stilt users to get their take on the different noise levels of the stilts based on the manufacturer.

Think about comfort

Consider how long or how often you will be using the stilts to determine if you need a pair with extra comfort padding built in. This padding will help to eliminate blisters and bruising that may occur for a new user. You would also be able to add your own layer of protection after purchase, such as a towel wrapped around the stilts.

Consider the spring type

Springs on jumping stilts, can be made with two types of materials: fiberglass or carbon fiber. These different materials can present different advantages or disadvantages. For instance, the companies that use carbon fiber claim that their springs are stronger, spongier, and will last a larger amount of time. For this reason, carbon fiber is usually the choice of professional performers who require extremely strong springs to handle their more advanced stunts.

A professional user will have to change out their springs occasionally, as the springs may lose tension over time. The average user will most likely not run into this scenario, and may never need to change theirs. For this reason, most casual users will probably be fine using a fiberglass spring. However, if you may have reason to think that you might want to do some more advanced stunts in the future, you may want to invest in some carbon fiber springs instead.

Consider the price

As with most new purchases, it is best to buy quality over budget. You do not want to go with the cheapest pair on the market, as they will most likely fail in some way, which could put your safety at risk. Basically, the better quality components will cost more. However, if you are an experienced jumper, or are very serious about learning, you may want to spend a bit more money to get a quality pair with greater longevity. If you are just a beginner, go for something more in the middle of the road as far as price to see if they are right for you.

How it works

The stilts work by their utilization of springs, which compress when the wearer jumps and lands on the ground, thus compressing the springs, which sends the wearer back into the air! The harder the springs are compressed upon the ground, the higher they will send the user back into the air.

How to walk and jump

When you first get onto the stilts, it is going to be an alien sensation. You are much taller than you normally would be, about a foot and a half taller! You also need to adjust the way that you walk. Some experts have compared this way of walking to that of a goatman. And a heavily padded goatman at that!

The first time that you attempt to bound around, you are bound to feel exhausted! However, don’t give up! Once you gain some confidence and stop fighting the way you need to move on the stilts, you will see exactly what makes them so entertaining.

One of the hardest parts of using stilts is the fact that you can’t stay still. Since the stilts have very small peg feet, you are always on your way down and then back up again.

Safety Tips

In order to keep yourself safe while you are using these stilts, you should wear a helmet. A BM helmet is ideal, as this provides you an optimum amount of comfort and safety. Just assure that the straps are properly closed. Just like on a bike, other safety features you might want to use are wrist guards, shin guards, and knee pads.

The stilts themselves come equipped with leg straps to keep them attached to you. You must always make sure that these are in good working order and are strapped on you properly.

It is also always important to assure that you are using stilts that are acceptable for your body weight. If you use stilts that are above or below your weight, it can increase the chance that you may fall. You can also damage the springs or stilts as well, which would also increase the likelihood of a fall.

The final safety item you should assure yourself of is that you have a good working pair of stilts for your chosen activity. You don’t want to use something outside of your weight range, or a child’s pair, if you are an adult. If you are going to be using your stilts for large jumps or extreme tricks, make sure that you are using a high quality pair of stilts.

  • You should not attempt any fancy moves the first time you are strapped into the stilts. You would most likely hurt yourself if you attempted any flips or acrobatics until you get used to the extra weight on each leg, and the way that the springs operate.
  • Just because you are in great shape, doesn’t mean that this will be easy for you. Being on these stilts makes you use your muscles in very different ways, and may take some time to get used to. The stilts will test your endurance, leg strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Keep you sessions on them short for the first month or so, and don’t be surprise if your legs feel shaky after your first few sessions!
  • The first few times that you strap into your stilts, be sure to practice walking before you try any jumps. You can use something high, like a fence or a railing to help you to stay balanced until you gain your feet. You should focus on getting a feel for much the stilts will bounce depending on how hard you press down. Once you have mastered walking, you can try a couple of stationary bounces along the fence for additional support. Once you start to feel more comfortable, you can start to run and jump on your stilts.
  • If you need any visual tips or tricks, there is a multitude of helpful videos on YouTube which can help you through the basics, and get you started on perfecting jumps and some more advanced moves.
  • The downside to some of the videos out there is that you will see experienced jumpers completing extremely difficult tricks, such as leaping up a set of 6 stairs in one jump. Do not try to do this right out of the gate! Stick to flat ground for a while and slowly move up to steps or sloping ground once you are more experienced.
  • Practice makes perfect! Take your time to understand your stilts. Their strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own. Even though they may make you feel superhuman, there are definite limitations to what you should attempt right out of the gate. Save the more advanced maneuvers until you have mastered the basics. Once you have, you’ll be soaring through the air like Superman in no time!


These stilts are a great innovation that combine futuristic springs with the tried and true stilt, to create something entirely new! They give you amazing abilities, like being able to jump 8-10 feet into the air, take steps up to 9 feet, and run at speeds up to 20 MPH.

These stilts were made for those who like to exercise and are seeking a new challenge. They provide you with the freedom to learn new moves and techniques like full circle flips, back flips, and giant running steps.

They are best used in cities, housing estates and/or skateparks.

They can be used to entertain your guests or partygoers when the event is dying down and something is needed to liven up the atmosphere.

You want to be sure that you pick the pair that is right for your weight and how you intend to use them. Though, once those parameters are met, you can’t go wrong with most manufactures, as they all provide high quality products.

Please be safe out there though! Even though the products are of the best quality, mistakes can happen. Especially to an inexperienced user who tries to do too much, too early.

A helmet and good health insurance are strongly advised. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.