The Flybar Foam Master is one of the best pogo sticks and most well balanced sticks out there. It does well in almost every category. It is a light stick, lighter than most others, which makes bouncing on this puppy really easy. It has been designed for easy balancing, mainly because the Foam Master is generally used by beginners.

flybar foam master pogo stickThis pogo stick is very durable as well, so you will not need to replace it anytime soon. A number of people have reported having their sticks for over three years and say that they are working just as well as the day they bought them. The only concern about the Flybar Foam Master is the wearing down of the rubber tips, but these can be replaced in a jiffy.

I have had one for a very long time, and it remains my favourite stick. It allows you to bounce high enough to show off new tricks that you have learnt, but not that high that is makes it unsafe for smaller kids.

The foam covering has got to be one of the best features of the Foam Master for sure. The foam covering protects the inside of your legs while you are jumping around.

The Master Pogo Stick, which can be bought from Flybar, is a wonderfull gift for a child or someone who wants to learn how to jump. It is well made, nice and durable, and will provide users with hours of fun. In general, this stick is great for anyone, professional or newbie!

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