Flybar Foam Maverick is a wonderfull alternative to regular pogo stick. Anyone from the age of nine and above can use it. This stick can accommodate any person weighing between 60 and 160 pounds with great ease.

flybar maverick pogo stickThe Foam Maverick pogo stick has a lot in common with the Foam Master, except for the fact that it is best suited for the younger generation – kids under the age of nine. Just like the Flybar Foam Master, this stick is covered in foam.

The metal frame has been covered in foam to protect the person using it from bruises, which are commonly associated with sticks have no covering.

As with all Flybar models, the Foam Maverick is very durable and can easily last for up to 3, even 4 years before the spring starts wearing down. There have been some cases where the rubber tips have come off, but they are very far and few between.

All the parts of the Foam Maverick have been specifically designed for younger children. Basically, if you are older than 10 years of age and weigh more than 100 pounds, this is not the pogo stick for you. You should then rather consider the Foam Master. If however you do meet the above-mentioned criteria, the Maverick is the stick for you.

It is easy for children to handle because it is such a light-weight stick. The rubber base is wide, which makes slipping virtually impossible. It is advisable to check every now and then, because it is possible for the tip to fall off after a while. The extra-grip handles and wide footpads assist in lowering the crash rate, especially in users who have no experience yet.

Flybar just happens to be the original manufacturers of some of the world’s best pogo sticks. They have worked very hard over the years to make their products better and better. One of their main aims is to produce not only fun devices, but also safer and longer lasting pogo sticks.

They have also included elastomeric thrusters into their adult sticks, which allow users to be able to jump as high as 4 feet into the air. Ground impact of pogo sticks is very similar to the impact of a trampoline. So, this is the pogo stick to go for if you are looking to break some bouncing records.

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Slow wear and tear is actually an advantage for most people, especially for parents who buy their kids pogo sticks. The rubber tips do not wear down easily and can last very long, which means they do not need to be replaced all the time. The best pogo sticks come in a wide range of designs, which the little ones just love.

The newer versions can also accommodate extra weight, more than before. This is a feature that allows more people to use these pogo sticks. Just remember that all pogo sticks have weight limits and if you try to load more weight than the stick can handle, it will lead to falling and the device breaking.

Affordable – Most of the pogo sticks are relatively affordable.


Teens cannot use these sticks because of the weight restrictions. The other downside is that the tips are not as comfortable as similar pogo sticks.