Jumping here and there and indulging in physical workouts helps to keep children between the ages of 3 to 5 years active. And one of the best way to do so is a pogo stick.

Most kids will find it intriguing and eager to quench their curiosity, they will be busy and actively engaged in exploring all the possible ways they can put the stick to use. While there attention is centered on this stick, you can focus on your daily chores with zero chills.

There are a variety of pogo sticks in the market but determining the best one for your kid can be a bit confusing. Most of them will vary depending on the age, starting from 3 years olds to 12 years olds pogo sticks. So, to help you make an informed decision, we have listed below some tips on the best pogo stick for kids in each age group.

Pogo sticks are not just toys that keep your kids engaged, they have profound positive effects. They are fun exercising devices and will keep your kid(s) fit and sharp. By just looking at it, it sparks curiosity and learning how to use it help children to develop that curious mind that is always eager to learn new things. But first, you will have to teach them how to use it.

Pogo stick for 3 year old

If you have a toddler or 3 year old kid(s) and you wish to transform them into little hoppers, then My First Flybar is the perfect choice. This pogo stick is the right pick for family fun both indoors and outdoors. It’s an ideal pogo hopper for children of all age. It’s made out of a soft durable foam, it’s adjustable to any size beyond 12 inches long and can support a weight of up to 250lbs.

So, it can pretty much handle both children and adults. Another nice little bonus is the funny squeaking sound this bungee makes whenever it hits the ground. It’s very distinctive and makes for a great way to keep track of your jumps.

My First Flybar is indeed the perfect way to start off the hopping journey. Your kids will have lots of squeaks, laughs and jumps with this pogo stick.

Pogo stick for 4 year old

If your kid is 4 years old or up, then you should go for the new BOING JR. It’s shorter, encased with a steel housing to ensure safety. This metal spring has a T-handle encased with foam grips. On the other hand, the foot is made of non-slip rugged rubber for optimum stability. As you can see, everything about this BOING JR is built with safety as the first priority and it can accommodate weights from 40 to 80lbs. Therefore, this is a perfect pogo stick for 4 year old.

Pogo stick for 5 year old

The ideal pogo stick for 5 year old and pretty much any toddler is one that’s safe and presents less difficulties when it comes to using it. In this case, most people would pick a foam jumper over the classical spring pogo stick. The reasons are simple.

Foam pogo sticks are soft with very minimum hard parts and on top of that they don’t jump too high. Therefore, they are safer for toddlers to bounce on them. And much easier to learn.

Pogo stick for 6 year old

If you are in the market for a pogo stick for 6 year old, then you might want to check out the Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro. This is a good pogo stick to mold a pro hopper from a beginner.

The base is large with skid-resistant pedals which afford good balance making it a lot easier to stay on the stick. The handles have a firm soft grip and their size is just ideal for small hands. The best part though is that the base is removable which means once your kid gains become used to the pogo and has gained enough confident, you can remove it so that he may start jumping like a pro.

Pogo stick for 7 year old

If you are looking for a pogo stick your 7 year old, something with some bit of flexible freestyle fun in the mix, then Zoingo Boingo is the pogo to buy. This stick works both on grass and on pavements. Two features that gives it flexibility include the rugged stretch cord and the super bounce ball.

How does it work? The stretchable chord connects the high bounce ball with the handle and working hand in hand, the bounce ball and the chord produce great energy rebounds while affording easy control as well as maneuverability.

Pogo stick for 8 year old

If your kids age fall between 7-8 years old, the best pogo stick to consider for 8 year old is the Flybar Maverick. Coming in a variety of colors, this pogo stick is designed to keep kid entertained throughout. It is safe and the best pogo for kids to learn balancing. Apart from just fun and excitement, this is one pogo stick that can equip your kid with the necessary jumping skills should he wish to move to the next level, probably become a pogo pro.

Pogo stick for 9 year old

For those in search of a more modern pogo stick, the Flybar Master Pogo is the choice to go with. A mix of plastic and metal this pogo jumper has quite a colorful and fun design that’s bound to intrigue any kid who is looking for a pogo stick for 9 year old. In case you are still weighing your options and you are not certain which stick to pick for that little chap back home, then I suggest you go with the Flybar Master Pogo.

Pogo stick for 10 year old

For those who wish to give their kids a taste of the good old-fashioned pogo stick and rekindle their childhood memories, I recommend none other than the Flybar Chrome Master Pogo stick. This stick has a retro feel with a totally old school design.

It’s an ideal pogo stick for 10 year old and above. However, it does not have enough power to support adults, so you might want to rekindle those old memories on the sidelines as you watch your kids make memories of their own.

Pogo stick for 11 year old

If you are looking for a modern pogo stick for 11 year old with a traditional touch, think of the Flybar Super. This is one of the popular pogo sticks out there and it’s not just because of the design. This stick is built to last and to offer great performance, especially if your kid(s) wants something that can handle extreme pogo jumping.

First and foremost, the material used to build it is heavy-duty metal and the foot is basically indestructible, made of Nitrile rubber. With injection-molded steps and clamps, the performance of this Flybar Super pogo stick is incredible. In addition, it can accommodate weights from 120 pounds up to 220 pounds, so it’s capable of keeping both kids and adults entertained for quite a long period.

Pogo stick for 12 year old

You might have noticed by now that most of the popular pogo sticks in this list come from Flybar, a company that has been producing pogo sticks since 1918. Well, Flybar has done it again with their Super Pogo 2. This is the ideal pogo stick for 12 year old kids.

Actually it’s a combination of two Flybar pogo stick models, that is, the Flybar Super Pogo and the Flybar 800. Its spring powered and that means that it will safely support extreme jumping from riders weighing from 100 to 200lbs. So, if you are in the hunt for a durable pogo hopper that can handle all the abuse thrown in its way, then look no further than the Flybar Super Pogo 2.

Benefits of Pogo Jumping

There are many benefits that your kid(s) will reap from pogo jumping. According to studies, regular pogo jumping has the following benefits.

Boosts academic performance

By using the pogo stick, kids learn how to control body movements and doing is so opens up their mind to learning new things. Basically, using pogo stick involves learning muscle control as well as coordination and studies show that mastering of these new skills including regular use of a pogo stick can make children perform much better academically.

Boosts Self Esteem

Jumping with a pogo stick requires confidence and once a child learns and become a regular hopper, he is able to overcome fear. The confidence gained from learning and mastering these new skills can boost the self-image of the child which may lead as well to improvement in academics.

Fosters persistence

One important lesson that pogo jumping will impart to the mind of your young champ is that effort is a must in order to achieve the right results. That lesson your kid will learn from the many tries he will take to master the skill of pogo jumping. The best part is that he will not be able to quit because pogo jumping is so much fun, so to jump right he will to endure the trials.

From the exercise to the educational benefits to many other benefits, pogo jumping is a wonderful activity to keep your children engaged. However, as much as it may be safe, it’s important to always keep a close eye on your kid(s) while they are using the pogo stick. If that’s not possible, then I suggest getting a netted “cage” which helps to keep the children away from potential injuries caused by bouncing off.

Physical Benefits of Pogo Jumping

Strengthens muscle

Pogo jumping, even if it’s for a few minutes, provides a great exercise for both the feet muscles and the stomach muscles.

Boosts bone density

Bouncing on the pogo hopper not only strengthens the muscles but also the bone density and as such the bones become strong hence reducing possibilities of fractured or broken bones as well as osteoporosis.

Increases the functioning of tendons, ligaments and even joints

Pogo jumping also has the effect of strengthening the tendons, ligaments and joints. As such it improves their functionality while at the same time keep the chances of certain arthritis low. It also help reduce pain experienced in some arthritic joints.

Boosts motor skills

When bouncing on the pogo stick, the body and both sides of the brain must work hand in hand to maintain balance and coordination. This means the brain must function bilaterally and doing so boosts the motor skills.

Cardiovascular fitness

Pogo jumping is a great workout for the heart muscle as it raises the heart rate which put the heart muscle under exercise hence strengthen it.

Improves posture and flexibility

Through pogo jumping, the muscles become strong and lengthened which helps to improve flexibility. In addition to flexibility, it also gives you great balance which in turn helps to improve posture.


If you are looking for the best way to keep fit and enjoy yourself at the same time, then pogo jumping is the way to go. Bouncing on best pogo sticks triggers the same effects as jogging and cycling exercise would but even much better you will have lots fun jumping up and down here and there on a pogo stick. Aside from the health benefits and academic excellence, this pogo stick will keep your kids smiling throughout.