Based on its reputation and unique functions, there is very little doubt that the Vurtego V4 Pro is the best pogo stick on the market at the moment. It is made in such a way that it suits everyone’s needs; it is enjoyable and very appealing to look at.

The smoothness of the ride cannot be compared to any other. This particular pogo stick is much quieter and smoother, and it is not as harsh on your knees as other sticks can be.

vurtego v4 pro pogo stickVurtego V4 Pro pogo stick is powerful and is made for professionals. Some of the more experienced riders can jump over objects up to 7 feet tall. According to the manufacturers, the maximum height that you can reach is 10 feet.

This fact allows users to jump over objects that bikes, normal jumping and skateboards would never clear. Some really great tricks can be performed with this pogo stick. Not only will you be the talk of the town, you will also get a serious workout too.

You can change the air pressure on this stick, which most users absolutely love because it makes it a very versatile stick. Set the pressure low and just enjoy jumping and bouncing around – great for beginners, or pump up that pressure if you want to impress people with your moves.

Whether you are an 80 pound kid or a 190 pound adult, the V4 is for you. Simply adjust the pressure to suit your weight and off you go.

The Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick is more costly than other best pogo sticks, but it all makes sense why when you see it or see others riding one. The smoothness and convenience of this stick makes you feel extra protected while riding and the adjustable air pressure feature makes it suitable for everyone to use.

These sticks have been designed in such a way that their colour (greenish) basically blends into the areas where riders usually use them – on lawns or grass! It is built with a stiff, but adjustable spring so that it can accommodate people up to the weight of 200 pounds.

Even larger users can jump around easily. The V4 edition is smooth and quiet, which are two of the features that make it so popular.

It has power, style and the ability to allow you to jump to new heights. The fact that you can adjust the air pressure is another feature that users love because it gives them the opportunity to come up with new slick moves.

The frame is made from aluminium, is very durable and can withstand very hard falls on concrete and other such surfaces. All the parts are manufactured in the USA and can easily be replaced if you do manage to break something.

There are a number of riders who have been using the V3 for years and now replaced their sticks with the new V4. Most of them say that the Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick is everything the V3 is and more – it just got better!

The Vurtego V4 is the best available. This is not just another pogo stick. It has been designed in such a way that is the only pogo stick you will ever buy. Power, durability, smoothness of the ride – it has it all!

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The construction of the Vurtego V4 Pro is fantastic. It is stable and powerful, can lift and hold almost any person up to roughly 200 pounds in weight. The tough springs and aluminium frame adds to its appeal.

The colour of the stick is visually appealing and the fact that it is such a smooth ride does not hurt either. They are available in a variety of sizes, so everyone will find the one that suits their height and weight.

And if that is not enough, it also comes with a 1 year warranty.


When looking for the downside of this pogo stick, there are basically none. Many reviews have revealed that customers are very happy with the Vurtego V4 Pro. The only bad thing that could be said about this stick is that it is rather pricey. Other than that, people are very happy with the V4 and have no other issues than the cost.

Customer reviews

“As IT geek I give the most rigorous workouts to my fingers at a desk typing all day in the room. But since I got this toxic green toy with a helmet and gloves I can jump all day long outside!”

“Happy with my purchase! My kids have so much fun with this and the most important – GREAT exercise!”

“This is a legendary toy! I have bought one yesterday and couldn’t be more happy. It springs my daughter into the air like a jet!”